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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2012 8:48pm-9:18pm PST

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everyone to open a credit union account. the advisers said several new clients had mentioned supervisor avalos. i wanted to thank supervisor avalos for the suggestion and tell you it is working. since participating i have heard many stories about foreclosures with homes sold by the bank a day after promising to work with the borrower on a modification. i have heard no stories from banks about how they have adjusted the mortgage and worked with the borrower. we need to work on correcting this imbalance. based on a sensitivity toward presidents who have suffered financial loss i feel it is more important to evaluate banks on the merits of their performance instead of their promises. i support reviewing many financial institutions based on their record, especially noting predatory lending practices and other abuses before permitting them to function as a bank for the city. there should be a code of ethics
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-- ethics that institution must adhere to once they're selected. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. -- supervisor kim: thank you. >> and want to speak in support of the idea of a municipal bank. it builds on a long tradition of benevolent societies and mutual aid societies where working people in ethnic communities pooled their resources to help each other out in a tough time whether unemployment, the birth of a baby, funeral costs and to think about bringing the resources of the city to bear in that kind of project. i had a question listening to the testimony. it seems the treasure was saying we would ask these questions about factors of social responsibility. it would not be required if they answer them or if they did them, they would be extra credit -- there would be extra credit.
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i suggest it is part of what is required in this process as it moves forward. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with the green party and the local grassroots organization and our city. standing in strong support of a municipal bank and localized socially responsible banking. especially in municipal bank. we need to remember that during the big financial crisis, canada weather that storm much better than other countries. that is the power of the government bank. i want to talk about a specific thing, an example of how this could help us. right now under the redevelopment agency's, we're working toward a transition toward our handling of redevelopment processes. we use this weird wasteful mechanism called tax increment
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finances which means you are borrowing from your children's future from taking tax money that would have gone to the general fund and giving it to developers to encourage them basically to puff up their real estate development project better than they should be and more market rates than they should be and puff of that financing. if you have never seen the movie the corporation and you have learned about the idea of externalizing, that is an example of externalizing the costs of the corporation does not have to pay for if we had a municipal bank that was doing direct financing, we could avoid some of that tax increment financing and even if we felt we had to do some of the tax increment financing of the municipal bank would get some financial benefit from that instead of big private wall street banks. i would also second what others said about this idea of giving extra credit for answering the
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questions in a positive way. it sounds like good faith efforts. we need to aim toward requirements on these things so that we know we're getting a bank that will do what is right for our community. thank you. supervisor kim: are there other members of the public who have not spoken on these items would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor? -- supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: thank you for all who commented. i agree. i think that it will be wonderful if we could make the requirement to provide information, we could make in the rfp to require information if it is just an extra credit, i do not believe we will get the bank for the buck that we can get and i would agree with the
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last speaker. i was thinking the same thing. it sounds like good faith efforts and that is not quite have been able to achieve the goal of -- they saw to achieve. i would like to encourage the treasurer to consider that. it has been almost 10 years since we had our last rfp for our transactions for our city. i think it makes a lot of sense that we could use our other power of our purse strings to be able to leverage greater compliance, at least to get the answers on these questions. i believe that -- we have crafted these questions in a way that financial institutions should be able to pull off this money in a fairly easy way. it is not like we're asking things that will be esoteric or difficult to find. and so to be able to comply with that, if the banks want to do business with the city and county of san francisco, it makes sense they pony up this
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information. also, we have heard from several folks today, a small fraction of many people who are affected by the foreclosure crisis which does exist in certain neighborhoods. specifically in the southeast sector and the southern sector. wells fargo is one of the banks that have been responsible for that. i think we should be able to craft an rfp that can address their need to provide information about how -- what they are doing to support local residents or not. how -- with the record is in terms of helping households deal with the foreclosure crisis. i would like to encourage the treasurer to do that. i really support his efforts in some many ways that he has looked at our economic system and how we can help local households to be stronger with
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their financial stake and -- in their future. looking at good investment practices, but i think there is one area that he can make it big difference as well. i would love to encourage the treasure to follow up with that and we can talk further as we continue before the end of the week. supervisor kim: thank you. supervisor kim? -- supervisor chu:. supervisor kim? supervisor kim: it was an issue i was interested in and it is great to find -- getting hearing on the research that has been done thus far from our budget and our treasurer's office and many members of our community. i want to appreciate everyone who came out to speak. the support for this is much wider and broader. we have state laws that we need
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to do with that prevent us from starting our own banking as many folks had hoped we would. i want to concur with the supervisor and members of the public. i was hoping we could figure out a way to make these questions mandated as part of the rfp process. i am sure many of the banks that go through the process will want us to fill out this questionnaire in hopes of enhancing their ability to gain business with the city of san francisco. i do think it is important we learn about the activity of our banks. thank you. supervisor avalos: i do want to thank the community partners and my staff who are working on this project. seiu, the california of the investment institution, and many
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others. thank you for your work, some of you were here today. i want to thank erica and my office. she will soon be leaving for a bit. i want to thank her and others on my staff. i would like to moshin this move -- motion this move forward without recommendation. i could reissue a new hearing request. my motion would be to file item #3 and to approve item number four with recommendation. supervisor chu: we have a motion to file item #3 and to send forward item number four with recommendation and that motion has been seconded. i want to thank the treasure for all his work and for staying through the hearing enter the
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public comment on this item. it is an important issue and it is a big question for us how we handle it. i do want to emphasize for my point of view, it is important for the city to make sure we are investing with and we're working with a sound financial partners and people can make sure all transactions are safe, secure, accounted for. that is what our taxpayers demand of us. that is what our residents demand. as you are looking forward with any new efforts or any options, i hope that will always be paramount in your mind. that is absolutely what we have to make sure we're watching out for. and so we have got that motion and we can do that without objection. [gavel] do we have any other items before us? we are adjourned.
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director kim: hello and welcome to the transbay joint powers authority meeting. please call world. >> prior taking roll, i would like to note that director metcalf had a conflict and will not be present today. madame chair, you do have a
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quorum. director kim: thank you. please call item 3. >> item 3 is communications. i did want to announce that item 7 on the regular calendar will be considered at a future meeting. director kim: thank you. item four. >> board of directors new or old business. director kim: seeing none, item five. >> item 5 is the executive director's report. >> [inaudible] on the design side, we are on schedule with our construction documents. i will ask now for steve to give the presentation on the bulk of the work we're working on now which is construction. thank you.
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>> good morning, directors. providing construction management oversight. we had a great amount of progress out in the field, really starting to transition into the excavation process. this again is the time line on the main work that is going on right now, which is the buttress, shoring, and excavation package. as we sit here in february 2012, the pre-trenching a running entire course is complete. it has been for a while. the shoring all work is essentially complete with the street crossings -- the shoring wall work. the next major change in the site will be the continuing excavation and implementation of the traffic bridges at first street, and then fremont and beale street to follow later in the year. we've had over 200,000 kraft
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hours on the project to date. there were no incidents or injuries. we are following a great safety record. this slide gives you some idea of what is going on right now. there is a little bit of existing transbay terminal demolition left to do along first street. they cannot take that out until they put in the traffic bridge and start the excavation at that end, but essentially, the underground foundations are completely gone now that were left over from the earlier transbay terminal, and we are well into the level of excavation. the buttress work continues. but you haven't -- to give you an idea of how the site has changed a little bit, it is hard each month to see a lot of noticeable change on the overhead from the buttress, but we are moving along. we have completed as of+ last
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week 40 buttress shafts. the work continues this week on new shafts with 167 remaining. some highlights of the buttress work -- in the picture on the upper left, you can see some of the sound and attenuation in the material we have put up to try to cut down on the noise. the rest of the site is progressing into the excavation phase, as you can see in the far west end of the project. the difference between where we were at the end of december and now where we are at the end of january with the excavation. specifically, we are down to the first layer, so the next step is to install the first of four or five layers of horizontal bracing across the entire lot. they are prepping for that. they were removing some existing woodpiles that
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previously supported the former transit center in preparation for installing the pin piles that will support their work trestle, which is a 30-wide trestle that runs the length of the project, where they will continue the excavation from. here's the beginning of the cross lot bracing in the far west end. archaeology continues in that zone. they continue to find additional items, and they are working closely with the excavating contractor and rescuing all the material they can find. the remaining utility relocation is the of sillery water system -- auxiliary water system, primarily on mission street. they continue to do puddling. the amount of materials in the
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area have required them to do a lot of exploratory work and some redesign on this, but thh well under way, and we expect work to get started shortly. then it -- there is an example of some of the part: that was then. the phase two pg&e infrastructure continues now on fremont street in preparation for the final cut overs so that the traffic bridges can be installed. speaking of traffic bridges, that is the next major activity out on-site in addition to the continuation of the excavation and buttress work. beginning in march, there will be some intermittently in closures on first street -- intermittent rain closures on first street. then, on memorial day weekend, a prefabricated bridge will be set in place of first street over a closure for that three-day weekend. a lot of preparation goes into that, including completing the small pieces of the cds and
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shoring wall, as well as a structure that attaches to that area, and then the placement of the traffic bridge. then, the future traffic bridges are scheduled to go in on the long labor day weekend for fremont street and the veterans day in november. when the bridges are in place, this will be the access to the area. there will be three lanes of traffic on each of the bridges and one pedestrian walkway on each bridge. to continue to keep you up-to- date, the construction budget remains the same. this comes out of the report that is provided to the board each month and, again, focus on the schedule right now, the critical passage running through the excavation and buttress work
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is indicated on the summary schedule. as i said, 210,000 kraft hours to date with about 139,000 of those or 66%, being part of the local area. here's the breakdown on that. it is pretty much continuing the trend along the same lines as we have seen before. i would be happy to answer any questions. director kim: directors, and the questions? i did have one question about first street. so there's going to be a bridge that private vehicles can continue to use, or is this just for construction vehicles? >> in the east-west direction, there will be what they call the access trestle bridge about 30 feet wide, and it will go in in pieces. a crane and other equipment will be able to fit on it to continue the excavation because of the deaths and the number of cross braces making it impossible to
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drive the truck into the hole -- because of the debt -- because of the depth. the first street, fremont street, and beale street bridges are for the general public, for the traffic to keep those streets open throughout the remainder of the construction. director kim: so members of the public will be able to continue using the streets? >> absolutely, with the example -- with the exception of the shutdowns. anything else? thank you very much. >> one other thing, directors, i did want to report that we are in the process of setting up our upjac meetings. i will be bringing the board the quarterly report, as promised, to let you know how we are doing. to date, we have been working closely with the carpenters on
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john o'connell. we are working on turner, and there's a donation as well for the school. we will be bringing a more full report after our first meeting in march next month. thank you. that concludes my report. director kim: thank you. could we please call item 6, public comment? >> yes, public comment is an opportunity for members of the public to address the authority on matters that are not on today's calendar. we do have a speaker card. director kim: thank you. if there are other members of the public that want to speak, please line up. >> good morning, board. my name is gilbert. i work for the carpenters' union. but a carpenter for 33 years. i also went to john o'connell. you're sort a graduate -- i am a
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graduate of john o'connell. i want to let you know we're working very closely with john o'connell as far as keeping them in the loop in training their students to possibly come to the carpenters' union or some of the other unions that exists here in san francisco. we have been also working with dust. maria mentioned that we donated books to the class for the future, all donated by local 22, so we are very happy we are working together with john o'connell, because as you know, it is a trade school. when they got rebuilt, they took all the trades out of it, and now, it is more of a technical school. it is good, but we see there is a need to train our kids for the future, to help the demand of all the work here in san francisco. i am very happy to say we donated the books. webcor also has donated some
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tools. i think we are waiting for turner and some other companies to donate tools, so that is a good thing. also, i volunteered as a teacher. anything we can do to help, we are happy to work with them on that. in ending, i just wanted to say that we look forward to working with john o'connell in the future and providing apprentices and carpenters for the future of san francisco. thank you very much. director kim: thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. >> with that, we can go ahead and hear the regular calendar, which now only consists of the minutes of the january 12 meeting. director kim: thank you. is there a motion on item 8? we have a motion to approve the minutes for the january 12, 2012 meeting and a second. >> no members of the public have indicated they want to comment on that item.
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with that, all in favor? >> aye. >> any oppose? we will go ahead and reflect that the minutes have been approved. that does in your regular calendar. at this time, you are scheduled to go into closed session. i have not received any indication that any members of the public wish to address you on the items listed, but they have an opportunity to do so now. director kim: if any members of the public would like to speak on our close session item? seeing none, we will now recessed into closed session. if we could just ask members of supervisor kim: we are now back
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in session. >> regarding the portion of parcels, the tpnja board unanimously authorized the agreement with hines. >> that does conclude your agenda for the day. supervisor kim: cnn, we are adjourned. -- seeing none.
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>> just a few steps away from union square is a quiet corner stone of san francisco's our community to the meridian gallery has a 20-year history of supporting visual arts. experimental music concert, and also readings. >> give us this day our daily bread at least three times a day. and lead us not into temptation
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to often on weekdays. [laughter] >> meridians' stands apart from the commercial galleries around union square, and it is because of their core mission, to increase social, philosophical, and spiritual change my isolated individuals and communities. >> it gives a statement, the idea that a significant art of any kind, in any discipline, creates change. >> it is philosophy that attracted david linger to mount a show at meridian. >> you want to feel like your work this summer that it can do some good. i felt like at meridian, it could do some good. we did not even talk about price until the day before the show. of course, meridian needs to support itself and support the community. but that was not the first consideration, so that made me very happy. >> his work is printed porcelain. he transfers images onto and
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spoils the surface a fragile shes of clay. each one, only one-tenth of an inch thick. >> it took about two years to get it down. i would say i lose 30% of the pieces that i made. something happens to them. they cracked, the break during the process. it is very complex. they fall apart. but it is worth it to me. there are photographs i took 1 hours 99 the former soviet union. these are blown up to a gigantic images. they lose resolution. i do not mind that, because my images are about the images, but they're also about the idea, which is why there is text all over the entire surface. >> marie in moved into the mansion on powell street just five years ago. its galleries are housed in one of the very rare single family residences around union square. for the 100th anniversary of the mansion


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